Tidal Tango

Tidal Tango
24" x 24" oil

Friday, January 12, 2018

  What are your core values? As I transition back into a creative mindset I have been doing some thought provoking reading. In Judith Teitelman's article in a recent edition of Professional Artist, she raises questions that might surprise some. Like what are your core values? What motivates you? What surprises you? Excites you? Challenges you?
  So what does this have to do with creating art? The creative process is not just about the finished product; a pretty picture or a pleasing pot or an intriguing short story.  For the artist the creative process is about what you learn about yourself in the process. What are you thinking as you wait for that perfect pose from the blue heron. Or what do you feel when you are working out the flow of dance steps to that new routine. What do you learn about yourself as you select plants for that new garden.
  Go create and see what discoveries await you!

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