Tidal Tango

Tidal Tango
24" x 24" oil

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

  Look around, what Beauty surrounds you? Is it the way the slanting light catches the tree across the street? Is it the giggle of children at play? Is it the strength and character in a loved one's eyes?
 " We were created to be creators. At its deepest heart, creativity is meant to serve and evoke beauty. When this desire and capacity come alive, new wells spring up in parched ground, difficulty becomes invitation... The wonder of beauty is its ability to surprise us. With swift, sheer grace, it is like a divine breath that blows the heart open." - Beauty by John O'Donohue
  The joy for me as I begin to settle into a creative rhythm is I begin to see through the ordinary of everyday to recognize the extraordinary. Look around.What beauty embraces you the creator?

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