Tidal Tango

Tidal Tango
24" x 24" oil

Saturday, October 25, 2008

There used to be this wonderful arched gate nestled into a walled courtyard I would pass in Georgetown that boasted a marvelous coif of trumpet vine. I think that is what was in my minds eye when I planted the vine and installed the blue gate. It was one of those lyrics of place that I never painted and wished I had. Perhaps I lacked the wisdom then to appreciate what I saw on a daily walk. I was far to busy trekking up the banks of the Potomac river seeking out the unusual and adventuresome. This little painting is my homage to the lost lyric.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gardening is such an act of faith. You cast your seed and blend your elements. Then you wait for sun, rain and wind to work there magic and stand back in awe of what has been revealed. It's a lot like painting. You choose your subject and blend your elements, allow the accidents of the day play into your work and if you are lucky everything falls into it's rightful place. This painting was pretty much like that.

Monday, October 6, 2008

What I found engaging in this piece is the back lighting of the woods. It set a challenge for me to see if I could understand how to express the feeling it evoked in me. It seemed to intensify the play of light and dark and the use of color in the foreground. I almost feel intoxicated or heady by the play of light across the canvas. this was painted late June/ early July.

Friday, October 3, 2008

This is a small pond that greets visitors as they meander to our front door. It's just a delightful interlude to encounter as we go forth for the day. Japanese ferns, iris and lilies create a wonderful neighborhood for the resident frogs and occasional snake. What caught my attention is how the dappled light set off the elements and allows the eye to travel along the path to yet another surprise. It's so easy to walk by our daily epiphanies without noticing. I find there are times when I am not focused visually I can easily ignore mind snapping beauty. But when I'm attuned and exquisitely tapped into the visual stimulus it can literally overwhelm my capacity to assimilate the beauty that surrounds me moment by moment